Observation Of UPSI’s Client Charter Achievements


Offering a good quality holistic education program.
  • Merchantability of 80% of the graduates within 6 months.
Academic Affairs Department 100% 7123 graduates from Teacher’s Graduation Program were graduated on the first session of 17th convocation.
  • All programs get qualification from MQA
 100% 53 programs of Bachelor in Degree were offered until June 2015.
Offering a good learning environment and sufficient infrastructure  
  • 100% of the classrooms will be fully equipped with learning technologies and air-conditioner
ICT Centre 100% Lecture rooms and lecture halls were occupied with the latest learning tools.
  • 60% of the students will get accommodations in the campus
Students’ Affairs and Alumni Department  61%
  • 7470 out of 12110 accommodations had been filled.

    *Diploma students will register on 28th May 2015

  • Empty college will be used for renting purpose for 5th and 6th Cohort students from Headmasters’ and Kemas Teachers’ Graduation Programme.
  • 98% of the learning areas are occupied with wireless connection (WiFi)
ICT Centre 100% The accessibility of LAN UPSINet in the campus from January 2015 - March 2015
  • 100% of the reading materials in the reading list are provided in the library
Tuanku Bainun Library 52% 226 out of 436 reading sources in the reading list
  • All students will have the access to use all the recreation facilities
Jabatan Pengurusan Pembangunan dan Harta Benda / Management of Development and Property Department 90%
Laman Batik is closed for the moment.
Management of Development and Property Department (JPPHB) had provided an open recreation area which can be accessed by all students anytime to rest and balance their stress in order to succeed in academic.

Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus :
  • Laman Batik
  • Dataran Suluh Budiman
  • Dataran E-Learning
  • Dataran Bucida
  • Taman Arca
Sultan Azlan Shah Campus :
  • Trek Joging
  • Dataran Dewan Besar
  • Dataran Masjid
  • Tasik
  • All students will get health facilities in the campus
 Students’ Affairs and Alumni Department 100% Health facilities are provided for students who had registered to get treatment at UPSI’s Health Centre.
Providing academic staffs and administration that are qualified and has good quality 
  • 60% of the lecturers are PhD holders
Human Resource Department

 69% A total of 413 out of 595 staffs are PhD holders
  • 100% of the staffs had reached the total of 42 hours of CPD
 57.21% A total of 1012 out of 1769 staffs achieve the minimum scores.
Fostering excellence in research and innovation
  • Each lecturer has to conduct a research and will be assisted to get the research license
 Research and Innovation Centre
 663 Orang 217 out of 595 are active lecturers.
  • 30% of the lecturers will be the Head of Researcher
Suggestions and complaints will be replied within one day of working - Corporate Communication Department 100% Giving feedbacks within one working day.
Providing a friendly and professional service
  • 85% of the customers are satisfied with the services provided
 Academic and Quality Development Department 0% Will be displayed after confirmation
 Committed in giving community service.
  • Quick act towards natural disaster within 24 hours
Faculty of Human Sciences 0% -Null-
  • Total of participation in community services are at least 10 times
Students’ Affairs and Alumni Department  100% 6 projects were carried out from April to June 2015.

*Data suku tahun pertama sehingga (Januari - Mac) 2015 [Muat turun]
*Data suku tahun Kedua (April - Jun) 2015 [Muat turun]

*Data suku tahun Ketiga (Julai - September) [Muat turun]


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