Logo Concept

The two circles of UPSI logo signify perseverance, ambition and dedication. The sacred motto of the University and the year of its establishment are engrave on the blue outer circle. The red inner circle has a floral design, a keris, alamp, a yellow molecule and a white book, all of which represent the qualities required to realise University's vision and mission.

University Name

The name of University is available in two languages, Malay (Malay and Jawi) and English. On the left side of the logo, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) words printed in Trajen Pro Small Cap font type in Malay language written in blue, which is to accompany and balance the logo. The logo is dependent to the logotype. In Malay, the university's name was emphasized by the size of the font to show the spirit of the nationalism.

University's name written in red in Jawi writing and located below the main logotype. Jawi writing is ethnic heritage and UPSI determined to defend and firm Jawi writing heritage in the future.

Below the fine line, the name of the university is stated in English language which is Sultan Idris Education University (SIEU). In globalized world, it is important to introduce UPSI with an understanable name to the world's community. In English, it is characterized as strategic in order to change the perceptions of the community towards the university.

Corporate Colour

Blue Colour
Blue symbolises loyalty, professionalism and unshackled ethics in fulfilling the mission and aims of UPSI.

Yellow Colour
Yellow symbolises sincerity and integrity in performing the obligations entrusted to the University.

Red Colour
Red describe the prominent, dominant, active and progressive image of the University as well as honourable values which are essential in achieving the vision of the University.


The motto of SITC "Pengetahuan Suluh Budiman" or "Knowledge is the Beacon of Pure Character" is maintained even after the establishment of UPSI. The motto highlights the aspiration of the University in enriching and inculcating knowledge. The flaming torch symbolises the unlimited power of knowledge that burns in every living being and guides people toward a better and more fulfilling life. Nothing is more pure than the burning desire to pursue knowledge.

Yellow Dots

Two yellow dots on the logo of UPSI represent the determination of SITC and UPSI to upload steadfasty the oath and pledge of the motto "Knowledge is the Beacon of Pure Character".

Arabesque Form

The eight-calyx flower of an Islamic motif reflects purity of knowledge, education, sincerity and resposibility. It also represents the eight elements in the University's philosphy, which are Piety, Wisdom, Culture, Civilisation, Humanity, Society, Nationalism and Excellence.


The Keris is a symbol of authority and responsibility bestowed upon UPSI as a centre for generating knowledge in education, arts, music, language, literature, as well as science and technology.


The lamp represents the unique history and establishment of the university which began with SITC. The lamp signifies the rays of knowledge that shine into the souls of our nation. It is hoped that through researches and experiment, these rays of knowledge will continue to flourish.


The molecule represents the University's effort in producing active and progressive individuals in the field of science and technology through the implementation of its philosophy.


The book marks the characteristics of UPSI as a professional learning institution that gravitates towards knowledge.

Three Round Circles

The blue, yellow and white circles stand for the primary functions of UPSI : Teaching, conducting research and rendering services to the community.

All in all, the combination of symbols, shapes, motifs and colours in the logo of the University sketches the unique and professional profile of UPSI as a higher institution of learning. It also gives UPSI a profound corporate image that reflects its quality, competence and resolute determination.



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