Firstly, the function of a university is not only to manage training programmes, but most importantly is to undertake an educational process towards the development and enforcement of civilization, either explicitly or implicitly ;

Secondly, Universiti Pendididkan Sultan Idris (UPSI) is and extension to a continuum of a tradition of teacher education that is almost as old as nine decades with its own excellence and being the exceptional ;

As UPSI recognizes its strength throughout its national history in term of its contributions for about a century, UPSI must also realize the fact that it must still live on in the midst of rapid change.


To accomplish its main purpose of producing quality graduates capable of fullfilling the nation’s need for competent human resource, UPSI is committed to develop the students’ potential and staff’s expertise so that they will embrace the following qualities:

  • Firstly, to have undoubted confidence and faith, awareness of the purity of wisdom and knowledge, wise and sincere, humane and noble ;
  • Secondly, to be patriotic, nationalistic, liberal as well as highly knowledgeable in culture, religion and global issues.

The University’s ultimate aim is mould its community especially its students to be well-balanced individuals in the aspects of physical, emotional, spiritual and intelligence. The University endevours to create individuals who are able to play their roles and be responsible to their society, country and the world.

UPSI recognises the importance of PIETY, WISDOM, CULTURE, CIVILISATION, HUMANITY, SOCIETY, and NATIONALISM in the pursuit of its goals. To ensure EXCELLENCE, the University expects strict adherence to honesty and integrity in all aspects of its activities.



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